Watch Here! Social Justice Series: School-to-Prison Pipeline with Dr. Artika Tyner

Social Justice Series: School-to-Prison Pipeline with Dr. Artika Tyner

Breaking Schools’ Rules: School-to-Prison Pipeline, Explained

Why Everyone Should Care and Work to Help Stop the Funnel and the Negative Effects on Society

Keynote by: Dr. Artika Tyner

Schools and prisons. A stark difference, but their school might be a direct path to being incarcerated for some children.

We invite you to watch part-3 in our final Social Justice Series, where Dr. Artika Tyner discusses the school-to-prison pipeline and how biases can forever impact a child’s future.

Dr. Artika Tyner’s Keynote on the School-to-Prison Pipeline 




Community Panel Discussion

Click the links below to view School-to-Prison Pipeline chapters

Chapter 1: What is the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Chapter 2: Contributing Factors and Long-term Effects

Chapter 3: How Do We Disrupt the School-to-Prison Pipeline

Part III Keynote Recap

A juvenile record is a gateway to mass incarceration. How do we stop the school-to-prison pipeline? An average of $33,000 is spent on an incarcerated individual. Imagine if we could reinvest those dollars into our children and their education.

Children who go to juvenile detention are not the only ones affected. Together, we can create new pipelines for the success of all children.

Here is a link to a downloadable resource to support your work in this space.

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