Comcast RISE is a multi-year commitment to provide marketing, creative, media, and technology services to small businesses owned by people of color. We are accepting applications for Comcast RISE now. If your business qualifies, you’ll have the opportunity to receive one or more of the following business services:

Marketing and advertising consultations

Media placements over a 90-day period

Commercial creative production services

Technology services from Effectv and/or Comcast Business

Recipients in Utah include:


Codero Investments LLC


ManCave Barbershop


Young Handyman Services LLC

Sagato Bakery & Cafe


Isha Esthetics


See Stacy Speak LLC


Amy’s Martial Arts

Pleasant Cove

Edifii US, LLC


Caribbean Nightingale LLC


Iridescent Hair Co, LLC

Salt Lake City

Chef Jean-Roody LLC

Ink Against – Cancer Warriors Foundation

West Haven

Pretty Please Teethers LLC

West Jordan

Multicultural Counseling Center

Utah Commercial Creative Production Examples

I hope that with my Comcast RISE commercial, I will be able to bring awareness to the services that Caribbean Nightingale offers,” said Michaëlle Martial. “I hope to create a brick-and-mortar location that promotes the healing power of the arts, help minority people continue to invest in themselves and provide a place where artists can sell their books and albums.”

  • We are committed to supporting small businesses who have been hit the hardest by the economic impact of the pandemic.

Visit to apply, for more information and the latest updates.