Comcast Champions Our Military: Saluting and Supporting Our Brave Soldiers and Families

Supporting our military is essential to our communities because it ensures that the brave men and women who serve our country are well taken care of. The needs of military personnel can vary widely from those of civilians, and they face unique challenges, such as the emotional and practical difficulties of deployment, leaving loved ones, and transitioning to civilian life. In 2015, we launched our Military Engagement initiative, and we understand these challenges.

Comcast Utah’s Comprehensive Support for Military Employees

Comcast Utah’s support to our military employees ranges from our Military Leave Policy to our Military and Veterans Affairs services and Military Spouse Employment Partnership program.

Shawn Kessler’s Story: A Testament to Comcast’s Commitment

One of the most inspiring examples of Comcast Utah’s commitment to supporting its military employees is the story of Shawn Kessler, a Technical Operations Director, and veteran. Kessler joined the military because he saw it as a path to becoming a pilot. He liked the competitive atmosphere and moved up quickly, advancing to corporal in 2003 and then to sergeant and platoon sergeant while deployed.

“Comcast’s military support is what made Comcast a career for me,” Kessler said.

Comcast kept Kessler employed during his 18-month deployment and covered the difference between his military pay and Comcast pay while on duty.

“The military taught me honor, responsibility, courage, and commitment. Those values have stuck with me, and they are critical traits to have in our work at Comcast,” he said.

Deneiva Knight: Honoring Military Service and Creating Opportunities

Deneiva Knight, External Affairs Director, and Army Reserves veteran, shared how working at Comcast has allowed her to honor her military service while creating new opportunities.

“I am proud to work for Comcast, a company that not only honors its veteran and military-serving employees but creates opportunities to support us at every turn through its benefits structure, career pathways, and community impact initiatives,” Knight said.

Knight enlisted in her junior year of high school and marched into a new world of challenges, opportunities, and growth at boot camp just three days after graduation.

“As a fresh-faced, scrawny 18-year-old new soldier, staring down at me was a unique opportunity to establish a life-long credo: Whatever you do, do it with heart,” Knight said. “Because of this experience as a young adult, now – during trying times – I dig in and rely on my heart working alongside my fellow Comcasters to reach any finish line.” 

Comcast’s Support for the Utah Veteran Business Resource Center 

Comcast’s military support extends to the Utah Veteran Business Resource Center and is another example of its commitment to supporting military personnel and their families.

Becky Guertler, The Utah Veteran Business Resource Center program manager, said, “Support from Comcast for the Utah VBRC means the ability for us to reach our goals of providing essential, high-quality instruction with the use of technology to assist veteran entrepreneurs in building profitable and sustainable enterprises.”

Comcast Utah: Setting an Example for Other Companies

Comcast’s commitment to supporting military employees and their families throughout Utah is a testament to its values and culture. Through its various policies and initiatives, Comcast Utah is setting an example for other companies to follow and, in the process, strengthening its team dynamics and contributing to society’s greater good.

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