Comcast Innovates Technology with a Focus on Accessibility

Partnership Overview with National Federation of Blind of Utah 

Two facts surprised me this week.  

  1. Throughout Utah, we have 42,000 blind individuals; and 
  2. More than 70 percent of those friends and neighbors are unemployed. 

It is wonderful that Utah can be an excellent environment to help so many with their loss of sight, but the fact that so many are unemployed is disappointing.   

As America’s leading Internet service provider, Comcast commits to making products, technology, and experiences accessible to the broadest possible audience and opening new doors to independence for people with disabilities.  

We want to continue taking Internet accessibility to the next level in 2022.  

That’s one reason Comcast formed a partnership with the National Federation of the Blind of Utah — to help those who are blind to have access to the Internet as efficiently as possible.   

Creating inclusive opportunities so folks can connect to the Internet is vital to our digital equity mission. To further this mission, we partner with the National Federation of the Blind of Utah to support their programs.

It all starts with the NFBU’s annual convention on April 28-30, 2022, where Comcast will be the Title Sponsor, led by a remarkable president who volunteers his time.  

“We are extremely grateful for Comcast‘s generous donation and partnership,” said Everette Bacon, NFBU president. “Their support is so needed and will be directed toward Braille literacy, technology upgrades, and scholarships at our academy.”  

What comes naturally to most of us, getting around, is routine, but Everette opened a new view to us.  

“Some of the biggest challenges for our blind individuals are using technology for employment and having transportation to get around and maintaining their independence, which is natural for many adults,” Bacon said.  

 Comcast’s leaders are dedicated to making lasting improvements as they build a more equitable and inclusive society.  

 We are at the forefront of technology for screen reader compatibility and navigation, non-visual desktop access, and job access with speech. Moreover, we’ve developed common screen reader hotkeys for website navigation, voiceover, and talk-back technology to further open access to those who have been limited. 

Comcast has transitioned its entertainment products to a web-based platform for the past two years, running an open-source JavaScript framework. That enhancement brings significant benefits in video experience, innovation, and speed-to-market for all customers – all with a mind toward accessibility with every occasion.  

Similar to our approach with cybersecurity, our goal is to ensure we create accessible design into every product from the onset, never as an afterthought. That’s customer-centric while pushing technology forward to the next levels.

Comcast’s continued commitment to making products, technology, and experiences accessible to the biggest audiences, champions the motto, “When you make a product more inclusive, you make a better product.”   

Author: David Salazar, vice president of Xfinity sales and marketing, Comcast Mountain West Region


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