Community Members and Comcast Employees Share “Why I Am Vaccinated”

On Wednesday, September 29, and Wednesday, October 27, Comcast is partnering with the Salt Lake County Health Department to host on-site vaccination events at our Comcast Sandy office: 9602 S. 300 W, Sandy, Utah 84070. The event is open to all Comcast employees, family members and friends, and the general public.

If you would like to be vaccinated, no appointment is necessary. The event will be a Free, Walk-up event, with eligibility for anyone 12+. Click here to learn more.

Learn from Comcast employees and community members why they chose to receive the COVID-19 vaccine – and why they encourage you to do the same.

“Getting fully vaccinated was an easy choice for me. It was the best way to protect myself, my family, and my community from a terrible but preventable disease. I wanted to help protect our most vulnerable friends and neighbors and lighten the load for our healthcare workers who’ve been working so hard to keep us all safe and well. Making it safe to enjoy traveling again is just the icing on the cake.” – Stephanie Frohman, SVP, strategy & partnerships, Economic Development Corp of Utah

“I chose to get fully vaccinated because I know healthy folks can get sick, too. Although I live alone – I want to protect those I may come in contact with while out running errands, shopping, and traveling. Also, my vaccination will get me a little closer to being in the company of you, my friends, my family, loved ones, and everyday people. I can’t wait to visit my mom, her husband (who is older and immune-compromised), and my nieces and nephew in Dallas, Texas, this Thanksgiving.” – Deneiva Knight, external affairs director, Comcast.

“I am fully vaccinated since last April. I am so glad that I did because, in May, my Mom was diagnosed with cancer. I could not visit her and help her through surgery and treatments if I was not vaccinated and taking additional precautions. It made me realize that you never know what may happen to you or your loved ones. You also don’t know who you may meet daily that has health concerns you are unaware of. So I think getting vaccinated helps protect you and others from all those unknowns.” – Nancy Winemiller-Basinger, president & CEO, Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah.

“I’m vaccinated to protect my family. Spending days or weeks in the hospital away from my wife and kids would be so hard on them. If I miss work, I might have to cancel my vacation. I could unknowingly pass COVID to my mom, who is in her seventies with breathing issues. I have friends-healthy young folks like me- who had COVID and have suffered from disabling complications for months, losing precious time and quality of life with their families. I couldn’t bear to think about how I’d feel if I suffered those consequences all because I didn’t take ten minutes to get a shot” – Joe Silverzweig, government affairs manager, Comcast.

“I chose to get vaccinated to protect my family, others around me, and myself. Once I heard there was a vaccine available, I read as much information as possible to make the right decision for my family. Based on the information I read, I chose to get vaccinated as soon as I was eligible. The process was easy, and I never experienced any symptoms afterward. I am very grateful I did not put off getting the vaccine and would encourage others not to as well.” – Buddy Garoutte, senior director, Comcast.

“I chose to get fully vaccinated because I wanted to be a positive example to my family, my community, and the public at large. I also decided to be a part of the Moderna study and was one of the first people to be vaccinated in the country. As an African American, I felt it was essential that I lead by example. I am so happy that I did. However, I also feel strongly that I have a responsibility to protect those individuals that are immune-compromised.” – Michael Andrews, sr. partner development manager, Operation Warm Utah.

“I decided to get vaccinated so I could safely be around my high-risk family. Also, I got sick last year with Covid, and it was one of the worst things I’ve ever gone through. I did some research and learned that if you are vaccinated and still get sick, there is data showing it wouldn’t be as bad, I did not want to go through that sickness again, so I decided that getting vaccinated with the Pfizer vaccine was the right thing for me. I also wanted to do my part in keeping others safe and healthy, and I believe the vaccine is our best way to get back to some normal. So, I am happy to help myself and others stay as healthy as possible.” – Michelle Jackson, quality leader customer experience, Comcast.

“I chose to get fully vaccinated because I believe it will help stop the spread of the virus and potential mutations that are currently overburdening our healthcare workers. In addition, I strongly believe getting vaccinated will lead us back to a healthier society, both mentally and physically.” – Allison Spencer, Utah STEM Foundation director.

“I chose to get vaccinated for several reasons. First, to protect my family and friends — my parents are getting much older and more susceptible to illness. I spend a large amount of my off time with family. I didn’t want to worry about being the cause of them getting sick. Second, I have family in Canada with the restrictions on border crossings and the uncertainty with where requirements will land for crossing the border moving forward. I didn’t want vaccination status to be a barrier to crossing the border in the future during a family emergency. The last reason was to help move my community forward and get us closer to getting back to some everyday life.” –  Kyle Weaver, technical operations director, Comcast.

“When I first learned that a vaccine was in development, I was somewhat hesitant because I did not understand the science. I then thought about my mother, who had polio as a young child and suffered from complications of this disease her entire life. I thought about the brave people who vaccinated their children without understanding the science, which allowed the United States to eradicate polio. I also thought about my nephew Ethan who is immune-compromised and is at a greater risk of death from Covid-19. Finally, I decided to trust science and the scientists who have dedicated their lives to developing vaccines for the greater good. The first day that I could get my vaccine, I did. I am pleased to be able to HUG people again!” – Sara Richardson, sr. manager, Comcast.

“I chose to get vaccinated because I am part of an ecosystem more significant than myself. I live, work, and play in a community of diverse individuals and families and have a responsibility to contribute to the entire group’s mental and physical well-being. Therefore, I am vaccinated for the health and safety of everyone I know and everyone I do not. Vaccines are available. Vaccines are safe. Vaccines work.”– David Salazar, vice president, sales and marketing, Comcast. 

Visit the CDC website for information about what to expect after receiving your COVID-19 vaccine.

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