In Our Connected World, Comcast Has You Covered

A laptop displays the Xfinity xFi app.

What would you do if you could ensure your family has a peaceful dinner – just once a week? What if you could download a movie in 40 seconds or less? Or how about only choosing the shows you want to watch – when you want to watch them? Is there an App for that? In fact –yes there is – and it’s Xfinity xFi from Comcast.

Last month we increased download speeds again for our customers in Utah, at no additional cost. On average, nearly all our internet customers throughout Utah received a 15-100 Mbps speed increase depending upon the internet package they subscribe to. For example, if you have Blast! Internet, one of our most popular speed tiers, we increased your Internet download speed from 250 to 275 Mbps. This means you’re able to download a TV show in under 20 seconds and an entire music album in three seconds or less.

New devices, applications, and technologies are launching at an unprecedented pace. According to Cisco, by 2022 the number of connected devices in the home will grow from 10 to 13+ per household. With more connected devices, faster speeds are required. The Internet is like oxygen that powers the connected home, modern business and our digital life. It’s important to have the infrastructure today to support the technology of tomorrow to meet people where they want to be and connect them to what matters most.

Our Customers’ Choice

Having faster Internet download speeds also provides our customers more choice in how they connect with the entertainment and experiences that matter most. Today, many Comcast customers are Internet-only subscribers. However, we don’t want to limit our customers’ ability to watch news, their favorite TV shows or sports team live. Our new Xfinity Flex program for our internet only subscribers provides millions of new and existing customers the ability to easily access their favorite streaming services, add channels a la carte and manage their connected home devices right on their TV. And, it’s included for free with their internet subscription. The entire Xfinity Flex experience can be navigated and controlled with the Xfinity Voice Remote, making it simple and easy for everyone from our kiddos to our grandparents to experience their shows just by saying “show me.”

There’s an App for That

Imagine you are sitting down for dinner and everyone – including you – is sitting with heads bowed, in their phone, posting photos of the delicious dinner or making plans for tomorrow night. Take a minute – does that sound like the way you want to be connected? Probably not.

As part of the connected home experience, Xfinity xFi, is an in home WiFi experience allowing you to manage all the devices connected to your home network, turn your WiFi on and off, receive alerts when new devices join your network, enable Parental Controls, and troubleshoot many WiFi-related issues in minutes.

It’s simple and easy, as technology should be. With xFi we’re providing more control, more choice, and more coverage – allowing you and your family to connect with each other, and together, enjoy the moments that matter most.

For more information on our increased speeds, Xfinity Flex, or Xfinity xFi, visit

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