Inspiring Students to See Beyond the Classroom

A Big Brother and Little Brother sit next to each other and read a document together.

In honor of National Mentoring Month, we’re highlighting our partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah and the Beyond School Walls Mentoring Program. Comcast runs the nation’s largest workplace mentoring program in partnership with Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBS).

In Utah, the program began in 2009 with a group of third graders and followed the same group of students until they graduated from elementary school. To this day, the program continues with a new group of students every three years.

Students are matched in one-on-one mentoring relationships with Comcast professionals. Employee mentors (Bigs) inspire their mentees (Littles) to one-day achieve professional success. Littles who attend Heartland Elementary in Utah get first-hand experiences in the corporate world.

Many of the Littles are disenfranchised youth with challenges ranging from low-income, single-parent families, to homelessness. The program provides Littles with stable adult mentors and exposure to a work environment. Every other week, they get together during the employees’ lunch hour and spend the hour working on academics, playing, and eating a healthy lunch.

“Each Friday, as the students load the bus, they look forward to seeing their Bigs who have become very important role models in their lives,” said Eowyn Cassavaugh Gibson, Site-Based Team Lead. “Many of these students come from low socio-economic backgrounds, single-parent homes, have two working parents, are from a refugee family, or come from a home where domestic violence and drug abuse are present. Building these positive relationships helps to change the life course for these students.”

“Having more patience and becoming a great mentor and friend,” said Cindy, Administrative Assistant, when asked how mentoring has impacted her personally. “Everyone goes through ups and downs and getting to know my Little’s happy and sad moments is teaching the both of us how to embrace the challenges we face every day.”

Jeremy, Financial Planning & Analysis Manager, said, “I want to be involved in making a positive impact in a child’s life through mentoring. I want to help them know they can become anything they want, and can achieve anything they set their mind to.”

Will you join us in mentoring and supporting local youth? You can learn about volunteering opportunities with Big Brothers Big Sisters of Utah here.

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