Comcast Business introduces ‘WiFi Pro’ for SMBs and enterprise locations

It’s almost expected for a business to offer free Wi-Fi these days. That’s why Comcast Business is excited to announce WiFi Pro, a Wi-Fi option for small and medium-sized businesses that is usually only affordable for larger businesses. This is not to say that larger businesses won’t benefit, as WiFi Pro is more than simply providing Wi-Fi .

Check out the below benefits that come with WiFi Pro:

  • Protect your business with Best-in-Class Security, including award-winning 24/7 active threat detection and monthly wireless security reports.
  • Add branding to your network with a Custom WiFi Network Name (SSID) – Ex: Ralph’s Pizza Free WiFi
  • Keep unauthorized users off your network by shutting it down at night or on weekends automatically with Automatic Network Scheduling (SSID)
  • Keep your private and guest WiFi connections separate with Bandwidth Allocation, so your customer WiFi never slows down your back office connection
  • Prevent employees and customers from accessing inappropriate websites with Content Filtering
  • Market your business with custom Splash & Landing pages that allow you speak directly to your customers before they connect to your WiFi
  • Control your WiFi anytime, anywhere with Remote Configuration – browser and smartphone supported
  • Expand the wireless footprint of your business with multiple access points – a total of 2 access points maxGet a professional installation from our highly trained technicians, who will provide general operating directions and eliminate deadzones.

It provides two high-performance network commercial Wi-Fi networks – a private network for employees and a guest network for visitors and patrons – providing additional security, and leveraging the latest AC chipset to support the fastest Wi-Fi speeds and expanded range.

As a managed solution, the equipment and access points for WiFi Pro are installed and managed by expert technicians, allowing business owners and IT managers to focus on running their businesses. The service can be managed on a smart device via a mobile app or an online portal that give businesses advanced capabilities like on-demand activity reporting and network configuration controls to set schedules and allocate bandwidth. In addition, SMBs and enterprise branch offices can utilize marketing tools such as custom splash or landing pages to help attract new customers and encourage repeat business.

According to Cisco, Wi-Fi  devices will power a majority of all Internet traffic by 2017, and a 2015 study by Tech Pro Research found that 74 percent of businesses are using or are planning to use “bring your own device” (BYOD) policies. These, and other trends in consumer and employee behavior are causing demand for Wi-Fi to grow exponentially.

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