Optimize your wi-fi for your holiday guests

We get it. You’re having nieces, nephews, cousins, in laws – family galore – over for the holidays. They will likely want to use the Internet at some point. Make sure your Internet connection, including Xfinity WiFi is on point with these “Holiday Hotspot” tips.

1. Get hardwired.


2. Don’t put baby router in a corner.


3. A few days before your party, reboot.


4. Did you know most devices connect to 2.4 GHz by default?


5. Admit it. When your nephews/nieces come to visit, do they say, “Hello,” first, or, “What’s the wi-fi password?”


6. Streaming services like watching online videos or uploading photos use a lot of data.


7. Instead of sharing your wi-fi password, if your guests have Xfinity too, they can log into the xfinitywifi signal instead of your private signal.


8. “Have you tried turning it off and back on again?” (From the hilarious TV show “The IT Crowd.”)


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