Comcast Cares Day: Thank you!

We want to say a major thank you to all of the community volunteers who came out last Saturday for our annual Comcast Cares Day in Utah! More than 6,400 Comcast employees, friends, family and community members helped to significantly revitalize The Road Home in Salt Lake City, seven public schools up and down the Wasatch Front, and parks and community centers in Hyrum, Taylorsville and Provo. We were part of the 70,000 volunteers across the globe who participated in the tradition.

Granite Park Junior High School in South Salt Lake City was one of the eleven sites in Utah where volunteers pitched in.  Principal Taran Chun put it perfectly:

“We want Granite Park to feel good to kids. Kids need to feel safe in school, but they also need to feel excited about their school. And so when we beautify the inside and the outside of the school, the have more pride (students have) in coming to school and therefore they’re more invested in their education.”

Check out the photos to see the change we made; the day was beautiful and a massive success.

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