Free mobile security app for Xfinity customers

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Most comprehensive online security protection available at NO ADDITIONAL COST for XFINITY Internet customers.

Do you contribute to the 50 percent of people who use their smartphones without protecting their passwords? Smartphones usually don’t come with security software. This means that if your phone gets stolen and/or hacked, you’ve potentially exposed your bank accounts, Facebook and other private info hubs to cybercriminals.

But if you are a Comcast Xfinity Internet customer with an Apple iOS device, you can download the Constant Guard Mobile app at no additional cost and help shield your personal info.

The app is a must for anyone who taps into the Internet from his or her iPhone or iPad and enters in passwords to get access to banking, shopping, social networking and email accounts. Constant Guard also gives users safety ratings for websites so they can effectively dodge malicious content.

The app also features:

• Multiple account access: Constant Guard comes preloaded with Xfinity email and gives the unlimited ability to load other financial and non-financial accounts for quick and safe access.
• Convenient memory: Login information and credit card details for all accounts (banking, email, shopping, social media, etc.) are stored and automatically and securely filled in by Constant Guard, making shopping a breeze.
• Sync-up between computer and phone: The app has the ability to link accounts between PCs/Macs and mobile devices.
• Stay in the know: Constant Guard also publishes articles on safe shopping and searching.
And Android lovers won’t miss out; Constant Guard from Xfinity will be coming at them in 2013.

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