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Xfinity vs. The Competition

The Comcast logo on a wall.

Comcast is proud to offer the best products and services in the industry.  Today, we are sharing some eye-opening stats to help deepen your understanding of what you can get the next time you turn on your TV. Caution: have a comb handy – this could blow your mind.

  1. Xfinity delivers the most TV shows and movies On Demand, both on TV and streaming online, than any other provider.
  2. Xfinity On Demand offers you the most current* TV shows.
  3. Xfinity has more HD choices included with your service than any other provider.
  4. Xfinity On Demand offers the most HD TV shows and movies.  The competition does not even come close.
  5. Xfinity On Demand includes thousands of HD shows and movies for free.
  6. For Spanish offerings, Xfinity On Demand has the most movies, including the most free movies, free kids movies and the most current* movies – and this isn’t a lump sum. Each category surpasses other providers’ offerings on its own.

*Current based on availability of 2012 release year listings.

Wow, huh? Let’s take a closer look:


  • Xfinity On Demand offers you more TV shows streaming online than Netflix.
  • With Netflix, you won’t be able to stream any of the top 25 broadcast TV shows online.  Xfinity offers you up to 18 of the top 25.


  • Xfinity On Demand gives you over 3,000 more HD TV shows and movies than DirecTV, plus Xfinity doesn’t require an Internet connection to get access.  Less than 15% of DirecTV customers have access to DirecTV On Demand.
  • Xfinity On Demand delivers 8X more TV shows and movies on TV and streaming online than DirecTV, including hit shows like the Big Bang Theory, CSI and Family Guy.  You won’t get these shows with DirecTV On Demand or streaming online.


  • DirecTV has no FOX shows available On Demand.  With Xfinity On Demand, you can watch your favorite shows like Glee, New Girl, and the Fringe whenever you want.
  • Dish does not offer any Disney Channel shows On Demand.
  • Dish has no episodes of hit shows like the Big Bang Theory and Doctor Who On Demand.  Xfinity does.

What does all of this “we have the most” translate to?

More than 100,000 On Demand TV shows and movies (and 60,000 are free!). Plus, there are over 118,000 of other free movies, TV shows, clips and more. So, the next time you’re looking for something to watch, go ahead and expand your horizons – you have access to content that others don’t! 

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