Comcast Offers Customer Convenience with Self Install Kits

The Comcast logo on a wall.

Installing, activating and enjoying your Xfinity TV service from Comcast is easier than ever. As more and more technology becomes commonplace in our everyday lives, a growing segment of people are comfortable installing a wide variety of home electronics and computer equipment on their own. With the Comcast Self Install Kit (SIK), customers can install their cable box on their own time.

Our friends in Comcast in Washington state put together the video below about how to ‘unbox’ your Comcast Video Self Installation Kit. Thanks to the video wizards behind this production: video production manager, Ed Hauge, and Comcast Washington’s own TV star, Andres Florez.


Comcast Self Installation Kits, which are also available to enable customers to install their Internet or digital voice modem in addition to their cable box, can be ordered online at or by phone at 1-800-COMCAST for direct shipment to customers’ homes. They are also available at local Comcast service centers for pick-up.


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